Where to Next?

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There comes a time when all backpacks get cleaned down and put away into early retirement, when the dole queues need to be left behind and the calling of being a responsible tax payer yearns greater than beach walks and long lunches with my friends. Yes people the time has come when I must return to the workforce of Ireland and that day is very soon (too soon, next week)!  Time to get this country out of the doldrums!  In the words of  James Brown ‘I’m back! bit like this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw7ckl90qt0. Ok enough Norma, focus!

Some may call me one of the lucky ones, it only took a week after being back from my South American adventures before I got my job offer (that sounds  a bit cocky, its not meant to)  BUT,  for most of you, you didn’t know that whilst on holidays  between caipirinha sipping and waterfall admiring I was actively keeping my toes in the (jobs) water checking emails and keeping an eye on LinkedIn. Nobody gets a job in a week (not unless you are the new Pope).

So much so that one 5.30 am I awkwardly jumped/fell out of my top bunk in Iguazu, in Argentina to prepare for a 6 am telephone interview with a company back home. It was the 7th of Jan and the furthest thing from my mind was returning to wet and cold Dublin to start working. I had no access to WiFi and no time to research but with good interview training from my job searching back this time last year I knew it wouldn’t be too hard to turn on the charm and dig deep in the grey cell reserves to rattle on about Marketing. And that I did for 50 minutes, two of the interviewees were in Dublin and one in Paris and with a very dodgy phone line we muddled through, me regaling stories of my raccoon incident from the day before.(Yes remember the little fella who tried to steal my bag and I won). I knew once the call was over what ever about whether I had done a decent interview they definitely would remember the crazy girl they had a call with in Argentina, its good to be memorable right? And I was that, before I even landed in Dublin the end of Jan, the company had called to ask me to do a second interview which took place on Tues 5th and so it was, the rest is fate. Next week,  I start as the new Global Sales and Marketing manager for a Music start Up called WholeWorldBand. Very exciting times as with start ups it could go either way but I’ve a good feeling about this one and its all going be very busy but very cool.

As for the end of this travelling adventure and onto the next William Penn once said ‘ Time is what we want most, but what we use worst’. Will, my buddy, you never met me!! I must say I’ve really fitted it all in the last few months, from minding my Mam for the first few weeks at home (she broke her pelvis) although it was tough (for her mainly), I learned so much about myself and I tell you I’ve a new found respect and admiration for full-time carers that I never knew about before. Also how we take our ability to be active so for granted. I learned so much that no job could ever teach you. Your health is truly your wealth, thank God she is well on the road to recovery and no fear of her. From there I set off on my adventure to Morocco on the best 1 week holidays ever ,where I met some cool yogis and had such an unforgettable time. December saw a whirlwind month of job interviews, lunch dates, Christmas parties, nights out,  quality time with my nieces, friends and cousins and obviously the end of December I set off on my AMAZING South American Adventure with Niamh my best bud. And sure need I say more..a trip of a lifetime.

Who knew when I sat in a room with my fellow 96 PopCappers back in Sept when we heard the news of the office closure,  that 4 1/2 months on I would have an incredible journey of ups and downs and fun and frolics. Never before has the meaning of ‘Live well, laugh often and love more’ been so apt for these last few months. It’s been a blast, an absolute blast. I’ve a hectic schedule for my last few days trying to meet people and get some of my own jobs done but in so many ways I’m ready for the next chapter of my working life and who knows how long or how far it will take me but it will sure be interesting. Thanks for reading folks and be sure to  keep an eye out for my (spam) constructive marketing updates about the new product I will be working on and if you are musically inclined I hope you will get to use it and love it.

Thanks y’all 🙂


* ( Update I was with WWB for around 8 fun months but alas pastures new opened up an opportunity to work in Oracle Direct where I was there with some very cool people from Oct 2013 until March 2015 before then joining Salesforce)