The Interlude



And so it was one door closed (Oracle) and in between the next door opening (Salesforce).. was a window, an interlude, a chink of light. That window of opportunity allowed me to fly off to the Camino de Siantago the world’s worst kept secret for a few short days. The Camino for those who perhaps don’t know a pilgrimage. There are many routes and ways to get to Santiago de Compostela, I had chosen the French way starting in France.

I chose the start, that seems obvious, alas its not, as many opt for the last 100km of this route. For me this has been an ambition of mine for a few years so starting right at the start allows me to savour it more and enjoy the process plus I get a night in my favourite country La Belle France.


I had great intentions of walking on my own and staying quiet for a few days, ‘Norma walking in silence’. A mindful walk in Northern Spain, it was going to be bliss. Arriving in Biarritz fate dealt me a card, two cards in fact;two walking companions Noel and Diarmuid who of course I got chatting to at the bus stop, there went my intention and there begun a camaraderie the three amigos… pictured below after 91km still laughing! I knew within a few minutes of them taking the piss (out of me) that we would have the craic and there would never be a dull moment on my four days walking. Thanks Lads, see ye on the next 700km!


For those that have walked this very special pilgrimage knows its magnetic powers as well as it’s signs to show you that you are meant to be there, at that time, with your fellow walkers, in these beautiful surroundings. More importantly you walk, you climb, you descend, you ascend, you eat, you drink, you sleep and you share stories. I have many of these wonderful serendipitous moments nearly too good to share on social media and perhaps a tease for you to go and find your own! Although not very religious I am quiet spiritual and found the whole experience invigorating mentally ..perhaps not so much physically but you do get stronger with each walking day.


I got the amuse-bouche of the Camino, 4 days from St Jean de Pied Port to Puente la Reina but enough to know I will return and perhaps it will take a few years but I will finish it.


I don’t want to divulge too much of what is the Camino as it is gives to each person something different,  bar saying you need to get yourself there in your lifetime. Write it on the bucket list and when you arrive there to walk is when you are meant to be there and for your reasons only you can know.

Follow the yellow way and Buen Camino Peregrino! Don’t forget your compeed!



For those who have walked before me and there are many, thank you for your guidance and inspiration! x