Eileen’s Story

Eileen recounts how I have helped her achieve her goals…

With Norma’s help, I went from having little to no motivation and actually being afraid of working in my painting studio, to winning a prestigious painting award, in a few short months.

I was feeling lost, anxious and helpless. I am a painter and I had completely lost all motivation for my practice. Thinking about my work would fill me full of dread and anxiety. I was completely avoiding my goals because I felt like they were completely out of reach. My friend had seen Norma and recommended I give her a call. She was sure she could help me.

When I met Norma, I thought it would be a formal, mentor-like, set up, but in reality it felt like I was meeting a caring friend who I hadn’t seen in a while. I felt very at ease and comfortable from the start and after a session, would walk away feeling lighter – energised and excited about working on my goals, with a skip in my step.

I met Norma at the end of February, and in May I had the pleasure of ringing her to tell her I had won an award for my painting. I think this really shows just how much she helped me. I had actually titled the painting after a lesson that I learnt with Norma – ‘Pathways’. Sometimes your mind is like a big field of corn – pathways that used to be very clear to walk down can become overgrown. It takes effort to trudge through the overgrown path to make the pathway clear again so that it is easier to walk along. Sometimes you have to make a completely new pathway, one that is more suitable for you. Once these pathways are made, it is much easier to get from A to B.

‘Pathways’ Eileen O’ Sullivan 2018

I remember on my first session, we agreed on some ‘homework’ I would like to do to get moving towards where I wanted to be. Before we wrapped up the session Norma asked me – Out of 10, how confident do you feel that you will be able to complete this task. I responded with a 7, thinking that that was a HUGE improvement to when I walked in to the session. I was amazed when Norma replied – ‘Well, how can we make that seven into a ten?’ She really had faith in helping me to succeed. She helped me to move at a pace that suited me, to get to where I want to go.

Norma also helped me to achieve my goals to travel South East Asia for 6 months, which also had terrified me at one point. She helped me to break the seemingly overwhelming task of planning such a trip, into an achievable task.Norma draws on many tools to help you through whatever obstacle you face in a holistic way. She picks up on your verbal language, your body language, past and present experiences. I feel she is very practical – she is aware of your physical basic needs, but also emotional, spiritual needs. She is grounded in the real world, acknowledging how to navigate practical boundaries. Nothing is impossible. Nothing can stop you from achieving what you want. There is always a way. Norma helped me to find solutions.

I have recommended Norma’s services to my friends, and they also found it so helpful. I credit Norma with helping me achieve my goals, but she says “YOU did that! It was inside you all along, I just helped to bring it out!” – a testament to her ethos and attitude to helping people.

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