The best way to get an insight into what type of coach I am is to hear it directly from my coachees/clients first hand:

Here are selection of what some of them have said:

Deirdre, Dublin

If you ever get lost on this mad journey, I would 100% recommend Norma. She helped me stop worrying about stuff that didn’t matter to me and through her help I learned to value my time more and think about my goals. 


John, Dublin

I loved going to my coaching sessions with Norma. She helped me to break down the stories I had been telling myself for years, stories which I had been using to stop myself from doing the things I wanted to do for me rather than what I should be doing. 

Our sessions helped me to acknowledge the things I’ve been thinking about for years in the back of my mind but always dismissed away.

Together we identified the obstacles to me achieving my new goals.

From there we broke down each barrier to come up with ways to overcome any issues I felt stopped me from getting to where I wanted to be.

My advice is to be open and honest in your sessions. If you are then you will get to the core of what you want and what you feel is holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

Francesco, Galway

Norma helped me to sort out the decisions for my career progression. I was able to uncover the key factors that were holding me back. I felt comfortable during the whole session, 

Norma is a good listener and passionate about helping and motivating people.
The entire experience has exceeded my expectation.


Eileen, Dublin

Norma helped me to achieve my goals to travel South East Asia for 6 months, which also had terrified me at one point. She helped me to break the seemingly overwhelming task of planning such a trip, into an achievable task. Norma draws on many tools to help you through whatever obstacle you face in a holistic way.  She picks up on your verbal language, your body language, past and present experiences. I feel she is very practical – she is aware of your physical basic needs, but also emotional, spiritual needs. She is grounded in the real world, acknowledging how to navigate practical boundaries. Nothing is impossible. Nothing can stop you from achieving what you want.  There is always a way.  Norma helped me to find solutions.

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